Why the Tax Relief Industry Is Broken

And how we're fixing it.

The problem.

The tax relief industry is dominated by profit-driven companies that offer you subpar service at astronomical prices.

When you contact one of these national mills, your case goes through an enormous call center, buried in a stack of thousands of other cases, until it finally makes its way to a tax professional who will never actually speak with you.

Tax issues take time to understand, and because these tax pros are under pressure to get you in and out the door as fast as possible, the solution you get rarely saves you the most money.

This business model just doesn’t work.

The solution.

We were certain there had to be a better way of doing tax relief, so we started TaxQuotes. 

Our mission is to upset the tax relief industry by giving you access to tax experts who have the time and resources to solve your problem.

We only hire pros who meet our high standards, so they can get you the best deal with the IRS.

When you’re facing a tax problem, go directly to the experts. Start your free consultation with one of our tax professionals.